Volume can tell more

A new ‘X-Ray’ for cryptos Volume Indicator which allows seeing how spot and margin trades compare, and how Bitfinex traders are positioning themselves in anticipation of upcoming moves – including their claim transactions.

The Bitfinex Spot vs Margin Volume – Multi-asset indicator was designed to help understanding how volume is composed between Spot and Margin transactions, considering all possible scenarios.  

To request access, please leave a like on indicator’s page on Tradingview.

Main features:

  • Spot vs. Margin insight for all margin-enabled Bitfinex pairs (dynamically detected from Chart, whenever possible).
  • Can be used in a separate pane (default) or added to main chart, as a standard volume indicator.
  • Supports non-Bitfinex Charts (eg. Bitstamp’s BTCUSD).
  • Automatic detection of corresponding margin-enabled pair for many crypto Derivatives (eg. shows BTCUSD volume for XBTUSD Charts).
  • Allows selecting a custom pair for seeing margin-enabled volume, independently of Chart’s pair.
  • Is able to detect Claim transactions.

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